Åsa Grennvall (b. 1973) is one of the most significant comic artists in contemporary Swedish comic art, and is a precursor to the great wave of feminist as well as autobiographical comics that dominates the Swedish comic scene today. She does not hesitate to point to the darkest parts of our lives in her stories, with a dark and wayward imagery, vivid dialogue, sharp humor and a well-conceived narrative.

In 1999 Åsa Grennvall made an acclaimed debut as comic novelist with ”Det känns som hundra år” (It feels like a hundred years) and had her break to a broader audience in 2002 with the autobiographical ”Sjunde våningen” (Seventh floor), which depicts an abusive relationship. It has also been translated into Finnish, English, French, Italian, Greek, and Korean.

In 2014 her ninth graphic novel “Deras ryggar luktade så gott” (Their backs smelled so good) was published. It has been highly acclaimed by both critics and readers.

Her tenth graphic novel “Jag håller tiden” was released in november 2016.

Åsa Grennvall has an MFA from Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm where she studied between 1997-2002. She now lives in the countryside in the middle of Sweden with her family.

In the spring of 2014 Åsa and her colleague Sofia Olsson and designers Björn Schagerström and Samuel Svensson started a new publishing company called Syster förlag. Syster förlag’s aim is to at a slow pace publish comics with strong and driven stories.

She now works under the name Åsa Schagerström. At the end of 2019, her fully embroidered book “Urmodern” is published at Syster förlag.